Get a reliable hosting and web design service for your website or internet radio station with support for just $5 per month. It's easy, hassle free, and you don't have to do a thing!

Getting Started

You can have your website up and running, ready for new visitors in just 24 hours! And, you don't need to pay anything extra for it, you just need to pay 12 months of hosting, and I'll help you with your new website for free.

This means you're getting your new Website design basically for FREE! When it's done, you'll be able to edit every content of your site, or you could leave that job to us! You just need to provide information, pictures, text, we'll handle the rest.

Or, if you're familiar with web design and code, you can use cPanel to administrate all your jobs, emails, subdomains and stuff. You can install almost any popular software with just a few clicks!

How can our web design be free? You need to pay for 12 months of hosting, than you get benefits, our help and.. You'll also get FREE domain name! This offer is only for simple websites, small individuals, small businesses, like this site for Jazz Pianist . If you need website for big business, or online web store, you will have too look elsewhere.

Can we really "deliver website" in one day? If we have all your material in our possession, and you agreed on our estimate offer, than Yes! But, have in mind that if your website is more than 5 pages, it'll take a day longer and so.

It's Easy

It's very easy to get your website online in a short time. If you have your content ready, we can start right now!

Prepare material

Prepare textual documents (pages) and some nice pics, that's all you need for a start...

Send it to us

Send us your material for a short estimate, as soon as we see it, we will respond with a approx realization time

Relax and wait

Now, you can relax. We will do our job, and as soon as your website is done, you will be first to know.